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Multiple Sessions

10 Class Pass (valid 3 months)

$220 (incl. gst)

The most economical option for those who wish to make more of a commitment to their yoga practice and to themselves. The 10-class pass is valid for 3 months so you can come in once or twice a week and witness how a consistent practice over time can have far reaching benefits on your work, home life and relationships by keeping you grounded, strong, more relaxed and better focused.

Unlimited Monthly Pass (valid for one calendar month)

$250 (incl. gst)

Unlimited classes per calendar month for those who enjoy their regular yoga fix. Come to as many of the classes on offer every week. Consistency is the key to a progressive practice, so watch your body and mind positively respond to moving more often, it will love you for it! Better physical mobility, improved strength and flexibility are just some of the amazing advantages.


Casual/Single Sessions

Casual yoga – 45 minutes

$20 (incl. gst)

Don’t stay all day hunched over your computer. Take a break from the office to stretch, strengthen and open your body in this 45-minute class. Improve your posture, relieve tight neck and shoulders and return to your work energised, oxygenated and able to avoid the afternoon slump. This class will ensure you stay alert and focused at work so you can be more productive.

Casual yoga class/Meditation – 60/75 minutes

$25 (incl. gst)

Only have time for a yoga class once in a while? Take a casual class consisting of a luxurious 75-minutes all to yourself to move, breathe, meditate and create more space for your body and mind to slow down. With a combination of dynamic and held poses, this class will help detox your body, silence the busy-ness of your mind, help you concentrate better and relax deeper.

Special Offers

Private Class (Single)/Mentoring Session

$130 (incl. gst)


One-On-One Essential Oils Consultation (30-minutes)


This consultation is an opportunity for you to learn more about the incredible benefits Essential Oils can have on your health and home.

They are a natural and safe way to look after and maintain your Health & Wellbeing including being cheaper and more effective than a lot of over the counter medications for many daily ailments including insomnia, headaches, back pain, ear aches, digestive discomfort and much, much more.

If you are open to to learning more about natural forms of healthcare through Essential Oils and how to manage your physical, mental and emotional wellness better, then this consultation is perfect for you.

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