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Hatha Yoga Sydney is home to  classes taught in the Sivananda tradition. We welcome a wide range of people from the complete beginner to more advanced practitioner… from office workers to busy parents… corporate executives or students. All levels are welcome and no matter your age, experience, flexibility or circumstance, classes are adapted to your capability. As class sizes are small and intimate, you’ll be treated to plenty of individual attention.

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AHIMSA The first of the five Yamas (moral precepts) as explained by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras is considered to be the most important which is why it is the first to be introduced to the practitioner: Patanjali says of Ahimsa or non-violence (II.35): “When...

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What are we really trying to do in Âsana?

Every time you step onto your mat, you begin a journey. A journey that takes you from one place to another, from the external to the internal, from disconnection to connection. A journey that takes you home... Do you ever notice that you're not the same person when...

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